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rinsing hands Why Is It Harder to Rinse off Soap with Soft Water? - Do you have hard water? If you do, you may have a water softener to help protect your plumbing from scale buildup, prevent soap scum, and lessen the amount of soap and detergent needed for cleaning. You’ve probably heard that cleaners work better in soft water than in hard water, but does that mean you […]
ironsulphurfilter1 How Does An Iron/Sulphur Filter Work? - Tired of dealing with iron and sulphur that is present in your water supply? Not only do these minerals stain toilets and laundry, they also smell and taste horrible. So how do we eliminate them? With Econo Water’s Zentec Hybrid Capsulate Air Iron/Sulphur filters that use no chemicals, are safe for septic systems and are inexpensive to […]
water softener work How to properly size a water softener - The efficiency of your water softener dictates how much salt you have to buy, how much salt you have to lug around and how much salt, in turn, gets discharged back into the environment. Sizing a softener and considering its salt efficiency will ensure you purchase a water softener that never runs out of soft […]
BathTubIronStains What is Iron? (And how do I get rid of it?) - Because 5% of the Earth’s crust is iron, it is no surprise that many wells contain it in various amounts. It takes as little as 0.2 ppm of iron to stain plumbing, fixtures, and laundry. In larger amounts, water can become rust coloured and have a metallic taste. Iron can even coat the inside of pipes with […]
promotion_feature3 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Filter System - If you are currently dealing with hard or smelly water in your house, you are probably considering buying a water filter system. Here are some helpful considerations you may want to take into account before purchasing a system: How hard is your water? How much iron do you have? Having your water tested will determine […]
premuvlg UV Disinfection VS Chlorine Disinfection - Traditionally, chlorine has been used for the primary disinfection of drinking water. So, what is the benefit of using UV disinfection as opposed to chlorine for bacteria removal? Here are the pros and cons to each method: Chlorine disinfection can cause disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes & haloacetic acids which can lead to liver, kidney […]
glass_water What’s Wrong With My Water? A three step guide to diagnosis your water problems - We all know water is a colourless, odourless liquid, but sometimes it’s not always clear when there’s something wrong with our water. While some contaminants are better at hiding than others, there are a few signs that something is causing a problem with your water. Here are three guidelines to diagnosing your problem water. Odor: […]
ontario Ontario is a Leader in Drinking Water Protection - Ontario residents can be proud of the many ways our province safeguards its drinking water. “They really are approaching it from various angles,” remarks Robert Haller, executive director of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association. “A lot of provinces are doing some of these different elements, but none of them are doing all of them, […]
baby drinking water What is hydrogen sulfide? - Does your water smell like rotten eggs? I know it’s not a pleasant smell, but it is a good indication that hydrogen sulfide is present in your water supply. At high concentrations, it will oxidize in the water when it is released from a faucet and cause a black stain. Because it is a gas and […]
whole house water filtration Heavy Metal Removal - Ever wondered what is in the water you drink? Besides minerals, there could be other potentially dangerous contaminants such as heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.) and chemicals (chlorine, fluoride, etc.) present in the water you and your family consume. Heavy metals are natural components to the Earth’s crust and cannot be degraded or destroyed. […]


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